Tobacco-Free Campus
After a tobacco-free policy is passed, it is important that the policy be widely publicized and enforced. On campus ceremonies celebrating the new policy can be held. Upper level administrators of the university should pass the information down to lower level administrators in the university and they in turn should share the information with faculty staff and students. In order to assist with the implementation of a tobacco-free campus, project staff also provided some techniques for campuses to use to stop smokers from smoking in public places. Signage should be developed that clearly denotes the campus as “tobacco-free” and indicates that there are penalties for those that do not follow the policy. These signs should be posted both outside and inside all campus buildings.
Picture 9: "Tobacco-free campus" signage at Guangdong Pharmaceutical College.
Picture 10: "No-Smoking" indoors signage at Haerbing Medical University.
It is also important to make sure faculty, staff and students understand the reasons for tobacco free policies through campus-wide education efforts. These educational efforts should be conducted both before and during the implementation of a tobacco-free campus policy.