Tingzhong Yang--Health warnings and tobacco control
Date:2011-01-05 10:07 

Contrast to western culture, the individual behavior among Chinese population is largely dependent on the collective consciousness. Perhaps most central to Chinese culture is the value of family to the individual as well as to Chinese society. Family values emphasize the collective quality in the nature of the individual's life and behaviour, and a strong sense of obligation and responsibility to one's family is cherished as a virtue. In this context, smoking may be perceived as a threat to the health and financial concerns of a family. We recognized the important role of family in designing an effective smoking cessation program based on spouse support(Yang and Miao,1992. )Tobacco packaging warning messages are important for reducing tobacco use,but mainly functions by informing and educating the smokers about the dangers of smoking. We should also strengthen to mobilize the collective pattern of Chinese society to effectively implement tobacco control.