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National Building Tobacco Dependence Treatment Capacity workshop was held in Zhejiang University on August 6, 2015
Date:2015-08-25 07:41 

     National Building Tobacco Dependence Treatment Capacity workshop was held in Zhejiang University on August 6nd, 2015. Shi Qi, Director of Office of Health Promotion, Dept. of Communication and Health Promotion, National Health and Family Planning Commission, P.R.China, Dr. Sun jiani, Official of the National Professional Officer - Tobacco Free Initiative Office of the WHO Representative in People's Republic of China, Trish Fraser, Director of the Global Public Health, Wen Deliang President of Dalian Medical University, Wu Hongping, Communist Party Secretary of Zhejiang University School of Public Health, Ma Jun, professor of Peking University, and Cui Xiaobo, professor of Capital Medical University attended the seminar. Besides, health scientists from 50 medical universities and physicians from 10 affiliated hospitals have also participated in this seminar. They enjoyed an intensive discussion on cultural difference between the East and West in tobacco dependence treatment for developing localized smoking cessation programs in China.

    On the opening ceremony, Director Shi Qi and Dr. Sun Jiani introduced the situations of tobacco control under both domestic and international backgrounds, and the specific contends and the current implementation of the MPOWER as well as tobacco control achievements and prospects in China. Dr. Trish Fraser made the presentation entitled Smoking Cessation in Routine Clinical Care in Developed Countries. President Wen Deliang and Professor Cui Xiaobo emphasized the significance of tobacco control and the implementation of Smoking Cessation in Routine Clinical Care in China. An interesting greeting video produced by Dr. Hays, Director of Global Bridge, was also played on the opening ceremony.

    Professor Tingzhong Yang, Dean of Center for Tobacco Control Research, hosted the seminar. He started with humors and said “Good Morning! Director Shi, Dr. Sun and guests. I am moved! Indeed I am pretty touched! In spite of the high temperature, everyone comes here, the coolest place, to discuss nicotine dependence treatment during the hottest days. Thank you! Thank you! No thank you more!” Next, he introduced the principles and the developmental processes of the Nicotine Dependence Treatment Program in Routine Clinical Care(NTRC) developed by the Center for Tobacco Control Research, Zhejiang university School of Medicine. This new program is provided additionally to routine clinic treatment without increasing work burden for practitioners, which can be used on inpatients as well as in disease intervention and disease management for primary health service. At the same time, he demonstrated the instruments of the program, including physician card and patient card,and played the teaching video. The participants had a full discussion on the programme and put forward valuable comments and suggestions. Lastly, Dr. Jiang Shuhan, project assistant, introduced the implementary requirements and evaluation scheme of this project. As of now, the new nicotine dependence treatment courses start to be implemented in 50 medical universities, and the programme is being conducted in 10 affiliated hospitals.

    The workshop got media attention and the news released by eleven news agencies. The following was the link with the news released by "China  News Agency", which was forwarded by more than 200 news agencies and other websites.


Participants of this Academic Workshop