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Project supervision in Qinghai University and Xi'an Medical University is successfully completed
Date:2011-04-27 09:15 

Professor Yang Tingzhong, Director of the Tobacco Control Research Center of Zhejiang University went to Qinghai University and Xi'an Medical University for a 6-day project supervision from April 18th to 23th, 2011. Leaders from both schools warmly received Professor Yang. Cao Ping-Xi'an Medical College Principle Investigator and Mao Huiqing-Principle Investigator of Qinghai University thoroughly detailed their latest progress and challenges with the project.

Both schools have organized and conducted spectacular advocacy activities. For example, Qinghai University held a contest to name smoke-free offices and departments on campus. Xi'an Medical University promoted a "smoke-free week" using the school’s radio station to share information on tobacco advocacy with students, faculty and staff. Since the students have yet to be taught the tobacco advocacy curriculum, the activities were not guided by accepted theoretical principles. Nevertheless, the creativity and enthusiasm of the students was so high that they earned Professor Yang's praise. Professor Yang suggested that it is important for the two schools to finish the implementation of the tobacco control curriculum as soon as possible. At the same time they should be seeking out all possible avenues of access to the media. Advocacy activities that have high media visibility expand the sphere of the project’s influence beyond the university.

Professor Yang appreciated the efforts made by these two schools. During his visit he provided recommendations for moving forward taking into consideration the difficulties the two schools encountered during the process of initiating the project. Overall, the trip was a success and the supervision was successfully completed.   

Banner in Qinghai university

Posters in Qinghai university

Smoke-free offices in Qinghai univerisity

Xi'an project teamdetailed their latest progress and challenges with the project.

Professor Yang and Xi'an project team