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Lanzhou University School of Public Health’s “Tobacco-free campus” campaign
Date:2010-11-30 10:46 

November 19, Lanzhou University School of Public Health carried out activities for its “Tobacco-free Campus” campaign in front of the lecture hall, faculty and student cafeteria, and the badminton courts of the medical campus. The “Tobacco-free Campus” campaign used pictures, posters and leaflets to advertise its message. Activists posted pictures of smoking-related hazards in front of lecture halls, attracting faculty and student attention and encouraging dialogue. Large poster displays, leaflets and no smoking booklets in dormitories also elicited significant student response. The goal of the activities was to inform people of the health hazards of smoking and to encourage teachers and students to quit smoking and create a clean, tobacco-free campus. Let us all work together to create a tobacco-free campus!


From:Lanzhou University