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Chongqing Medical University School of Public Health organizes students to carry out practice activities in tobacco control
Date:2010-11-17 00:00 

At present, there are approximately 3.5 million smokers in China, and smoking has become a social health issue. The International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease-funded Tobacco Control Project at Chongqing Medical University is headed by Miao Jing, Associate Professor at the School of Public Health, and aims to build tobacco control capacity among Public Health students. With university leaders’ support, Miao Jing led graduate students and students from the university’s fifth segment youth volunteers union to conduct tobacco control surveys in the University City Chen Bridge Community and Yangjiaping Pedestrian Street on Nov. 13-14. Citizens of the Bridge Community and Pedestrian Street Management both believe the survey is very important and cooperated enthusiastically. While administering the survey, teachers and students patiently listened to people’s questions and replied to them one by one. The survey administrators also showed subjects vivid images, giving them a more profound understanding of the dangers of smoking. The campaign was very well-received by the public; approximately 800 people were surveyed.

These activities further promoted tobacco control knowledge among community members, enhanced people’s awareness of the negative health effects of smoking, and improved the School of Public Health’s social influence. Citizens believe the tobacco control survey will play an important role in developing a “healthy Chongqing” and hope the School of Public Health will carry out similar activities in the future. The students also learned to apply academic knowledge of preventive medicine to real-world issues, gaining important practical skills.


From:Chongqing Medical University