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Xi’an Medical University establishes tobacco-free campus initiatives
Date:2010-12-14 13:26 

Xi’an Medical University recently unveiled its tobacco-free initiative theme: “Cherish life, breathe green, together we can create a tobacco-free campus.” The initiative aims to improve teachers’ and students’ knowledge of smoking and secondhand smoke and to create a clean and healthy, tobacco-free living, learning and working environment. During the activities, students displayed signs saying “forbid smoking, reduce harm”, reflecting the global tobacco control trend and embodying modern civilization’s attitude toward smoking. Meanwhile the emphasis on tobacco control illustrated an unwavering commitment to public health ethics, attracting attention from teachers and students alike. Students called on teachers and peers to promote awareness of social morality, develop good health habits, minimize smoking to protect the health of teachers and students, and to strive to become a civilized and green campus.

Since launching the tobacco-free initiative campaign, participants have handed out a total of 5,000 flyers and posted more than 20 posters all around campus. On activity day, a member of the tobacco control team also organized a tobacco information session for teachers and students, stirring deeper concern for the health hazards of smoking.


From:Educaition Department of Shaanxi Provincial Govern