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Hebei Medical University held launch ceremony to create the first tobacco-free campus in Hebei province today
Date:2010-12-17 08:35 

Great Wall Network December 16 (Reporter Jia-Yuh Chen) This afternoon, the launch ceremony to establish Hebei Medical University’s tobacco-free campus was successfully held on the square in front of the university’s main building. Jinkun Wen, School Party Secretary, Tiejun Ni, Deputy Party Secretary, Zhankui Zhang, Vice-President, and other major leaders attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

The school’s theme is “Tobacco-free campus, healthy me, healthy you.” Creating a tobacco-free campus is meant to reduce the harm to students and staff caused by secondhand smoke, improve doctors’ and students’ awareness of tobacco control, and limit the excessive use of tobacco. The aforementioned lead to the implementation of society-wide tobacco control measures. People believe the doctor plays the role of the health messenger, but many doctors are still smoking in our country. If we want to convince the Chinese people to quit smoking, we must first convince the Chinese doctors to quit smoking. Sixty percent of Australian doctors used to smoke, but this has decreased to 2% now. If doctors set a good example, the number of smokers will be halved.

After today’s launch ceremony, the school’s tobacco control leadership council will hang tobacco-free campus signs all over the university, hold publicity and conference hearings, encourage students and teachers to live healthy and stay away from tobacco. Students who participated in Hebei University’s tobacco-free campus launch ceremony said as many as 500 million deaths are caused by smoking-related diseases per year, according to incomplete statistics, which not only brings suffering to the family, but also burdens the whole community. Medical students should play the role of health guides, starting with themselves, they need to make efforts in tobacco control in order to set an example for the community.

According to the WHO “Framework Convention on Tobacco Control” provisions, starting January 2011, China is required to ban smoking in all indoor public places, indoor workplaces, public transport vehicles, and other outdoor public places. As the first and only of the key medical universities to establish a smoke-free campus in our province, Hebei Medical University will raise doctors’ and students’ tobacco control awareness, and promote tobacco-free campus creation across all Hebei universities.



From:the Great Wall net