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Hebei Medical University first to establish tobacco-free campus in Hebei Province--sets up tobacco control leadership committee
Date:2010-12-17 11:32 

This afternoon, the Hebei Medical University tobacco-free campus initiative was launched. Hebei Medical University is not only one of the National Tobacco Control Alliance’s 24 provincial universities, but also the first institution to create a tobacco-free campus in our province. The school has also set up a tobacco control leadership committee. In addition, it plans to hang tobacco-free campus signs, hold numerous publicity and consultation meetings, and to organize tobacco control conferences in the future. The university will also include a tobacco control component in the Environmental Health course in the school of Public Health. (Reporter Gongzheng Long)

Link: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/dfpd/hebei/2010-12-17/content_1409396.html

From:Hebei Daily