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Guiyang Medical University establishes first tobacco control student association in Guizhou Province
Date:2010-11-22 11:25 

Nov. 17, the first tobacco control student association in our province—Guiyang Medical University Tobacco Control Student Association—was established. It was created to increase people’s awareness of the importance of tobacco control, promote the implementation of university tobacco control policies, and to create a tobacco-free campus so students can have a better learning environment.

There are about 350 million smokers in China and each year nearly 100 million people die from smoking-related diseases, accounting for 12% of all deaths nationally. Tobacco has already become the second leading cause of death after hypertension. Our province is expected to meet its goals to ban smoking in all health administrative departments and all health-care agencies in the next year. In order to assist with the smoking ban, the Tobacco Control Students Association of Guiyang Medical University will use the “Create a tobacco-free campus, enjoy a healthy life” theme to organize a large-scale “tobacco-free boy (girl) friend” petition, hold tobacco control lectures and to carry out similar activities.



From:Guizhou Daily