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Public Health professors from 24 universities meet in Hangzhou for training in Tobacco Control
Date:2010-09-05 23:30 

The other day, Public Health professors from 24 universities across China gathered in Hangzhou to receive training in Tobacco Control. They are the directors of the “China Public Health Tobacco Control Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union). It aims to establish Tobacco Control curricula at Public Health schools and to enact tobacco-free campus policies at 31 universities with Public Health faculties across China. Seven of the participating universities, including PAdvocacy Capacity Building Project” at their respective universities. The Project, headed by Professor Tingzhong Yang of the Center for Tobacco Control Research at Zhejiang University’s Medical School, is a Bloomberg Global Initiative (BI) to Reduce Tobacco Use grant recipient managed by the International eking University, have already successfully completed the Project. The Seminar featured lectures on international Tobacco Control theory and methods from noted Union and University of Sydney Tobacco Control experts. Also featured was a Zhejiang University Center for Tobacco Control Research report on culturally appropriate advocacy policies and methods.

Since non-governmental organizations are underdeveloped in China, Tobacco Control has primarily been advanced by government institutions. Nevertheless, disease control is the duty of all social organizations and businesses. Currently, Chinese disease control professionals lack Tobacco Control theory knowledge and do not possess related technical skills. According to Professor Yang, China has 68 colleges and universities with public health schools or departments. Every year, approximately 5000 students graduate with public health degrees. Most of them accept positions with China’s various disease control organizations. Professor Yang believes teaching Public Health majors Tobacco Control theory in the classroom and having them undergo Tobacco Control advocacy training will increase the efficiency with which they will perform Tobacco Control work in the future. Thus, the first requirement for successful Tobacco Control advocacy is having first-class Tobacco Control teachers. 


From:China News