US: Shop Owners Smoking over Potential Tobacco Regulations
Date:2013-07-01 09:19 

The movement to boost the cigarette purchase age in recent months from 18 to 21 has lit up 2,500 retailers across NYC according to the Save Our Stores Coalition which represents nearly 10,000 local tobacco retailers.
The city is also considering a "price floor" of $10.50 minimum per pack of cigarettes that would apply universally to all brands. Coupons for tobacco products may also be outlawed.
According to a study which was conducted by the SOSC, NYC is on track to see a 29 percent drop in total cigarette retail profits---from $52 million to $37 million. The group also claims that nearly 10,000 jobs are being put in jeopardy if bodegas and shops are forced to sacrifice the revenue from their younger clientele. The group also predicts a $19 million dollar drop in state tax revenue from cigarette sales.
If Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal passes as written, storeowners may also be unable to allow employees that are under the age of 18 to sell tobacco products.
According to a release, the SOSC is planning a press conference which will take place on Monday, June 24 at Pamela Deli Grocery, 781 E. 163rd Street in the Bronx. The demonstration will feature appearances by Ramon Murphy, president of The Bodega Association of the US, Jim Calvin, president of the NY Association of Convenience stores and the store’s owner, Fernando Rhadamez Rodriguez. Enditem