【World Health Organization】Tobacco-Free Next Generation Doctors2017-12-29

  Doctors play critical role in reducing tobacco use–both by counselling their patients to quit smoking, and also by using their position as role models to become advocates for tobacco control, more generally.[ more >> ]

【World Health Organization】Tobacco-Free Next Generation Doctors

Faculty Search for the Center for Tobacco Control Research Zhejiang University School...2016-03-07

The Center for Tobacco Control Research,Zhejiang University School of Medicine is seeking one or two faculty candidates for tobacco control research. [ more >> ]

Tough no-smoking rules take effect2015-06-01

A student from Yangzhou University demonstrates against smoking during a street campaign in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, on Sunday. [Photo by Meng Delong / For China Daily]Starting today], all indoor public places and many outdoor public places in Beijing are required to be 100-percent smoke-free, including primary and mid...[ more >> ]

US: Shop Owners Smoking over Potential Tobacco Regulations2013-07-01

The movement to boost the cigarette purchase age in recent months from 18 to 21 has lit up 2,500 retailers across NYC according to the Save Our Stores Coalition which represents nearly 10,000 local tobacco retailers.[ more >> ]

Israel: Lapid Raises Cigarette Prices2013-05-13

Hours after he introduced a plan which includes budget cuts and tax increases, Finance Minister Yair Lapid signed an order calling to raise the prices of cigarettes, tobacco for cigarettes and cigars. [ more >> ]

UK: Supermarket Ban on Cigarette and Tobacco Displays Comes into Force2013-05-07

Large retailers have been banned from displaying cigarettes and other tobacco products after new legislation came into force on Sunday. Public Health Minister Michael Matheson claimed the move was the "right step" to deter young people from taking up smoking. [ more >> ]

How Hong Kong made the smoking ban a success2012-10-05

In tandem with the ban on smoking in public venues, Hong Kong instituted a number of punitive measures and posted tens of thousands of no-smoking signs in designated smoke-free venues. In addition, the government ran a series of non-profit ads on the public broadcasting service urging smokers to give up the habit, and then...[ more >> ]

Tobacco control on track for 2013 legislative agenda2012-10-04

During the Guangdong Province People's Congress and Political Consultative Conference (PCC) held earlier this year, a member of the PCC said tobacco control is weak and the number of young smokers is growing. In a recent statement the Provincial Department of Health said the province is rolling out tobacco control measures...[ more >> ]

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