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Tingzhong Yang, MD, is the Director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research at Zhejiang University School of Medicine in Hangzhou, China, where he is also a professor. Dr. Yang graduated from the Department of Public Health of Shanxi Medicine University in 1982. He was appraised as an outstanding contributing scientist by the government of Jiangsu province in 1994, and served at the University of California, San Diego as Assistant Research Scientist from 1998 to 2000. He was a past advisor for the World Health Organization (WHO) in delivering policy and program on tobacco control to health professions students, and served as an expert in updating management of CRDs in the WHO Global Action Plan 2013-2020. Dr. Yang is also a member of the expert group of National Association on Tobacco Control, and an external faculty affiliate of Injury Control Research, West Virginal University, U.S. His primary academic focus is health behavior, and research interests are in tobacco control. The Series of projects of “tobacco control advocacy capacity” covered all provinces in China, including more than 70 cities. In recent years he published more than 40 international papers. Several papers were cited by WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic, and other official documents. Core information of “Global Health Professions Student Survey (GHPSS) in Tobacco Control in China “was released by the United Nations. He was the Asian Editor for the American Journal of Health behavior, and is a peer reviewer for more than 20 journals.

Select projects as PI:

1. Stress among urban residents during social transition, China Social   Science Foundation, 2001-2002

2. A national survey of farmers smoking in China, World Health Organization, 2003-2004

3. Dissemination of HIV risk behavior among rural-urban migrants, China Social Science Foundation, 2003-2004

4. Building advocacy capacity for tobacco control among the public health workforce in China, the Union, 2007-2009

5. Building advocacy capacity for tobacco control in smoke-free universities with public health faculties in China, the Union, 2011-2012

6.Facilitate MOH endorsement of tobacco control implementation through promoting tobacco control advocacy capacity in medical schools, the Union, 2012-2014

7. Global health professions student survey on tobacco control, China, World Health Organization, 2013-2014

8. Behavioral pattern of unassisted smoking cessation: policy evidences study based on population survey, China Natural Science Foundation, 2015-2018

9. Building Tobacco Dependence Treatment Capacity in Medical Universities and Affiliated Hospitals in China, Global Bridgestone, 2015-2016

Select papers

1.Yang T, Abdullah AS , Rockett IR ,Li M, Zhou Y, Ma J, Zheng Z, Zhang Y, Wang L. Assessment of Tobacco Control Advocacy Behavioral Capacity among Students at Schools of Public Health in China. Tobacco Control, 2011; 20:20-25.

2.Yang T, Shiffman S, Rockett IR ,Cui X, Cao R. Nicotine dependence among Chinese city dwellers: a population-based cross-sectional study. Nicotine Tob Res, 2011; 13(17):556-564.

3.Yang T, Xu X, Rockett IR ,Guo W, Zhou H. Effects of household, workplace, and public place smoking restrictions on smoking cessation. Health & Place, 2011;17:956-960.

4. Yang T, Rockett IRH, Li M, Xu X, Gu Y. Tobacco advertising, environmental smoking bans, and smoking in Chinese urban areas. Drug and Alcohol dependence, 2012;124:121-127.

5.Yang X, Kelly BC ,Yang T. The influence of self-exempting beliefs and social networks on daily smoking: A mediation relationship explored. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 2014, 28(3):921-927.

6.Yang, T., Barnett, R., Rockett, I. R., Yang, X. Y., Wu, D., Zheng, W., & Li, L. (2015). The impact of regional economic reliance on the tobacco industry on current smoking in China. Health & place, 33, 159-171.

7. Yang, T., Jiang, S., Barnett, R., Oliffe, J. L., Wu, D., Yang, X., ... & Cottrell, R. R. (2015). Who smokes in smoke-free public places in China? Findings from a 21 city survey. Health education research, cyv054.

8.Yang, T., Yu, L., Bottorff, J. L., Wu, D., Jiang, S., Peng, S., & Young, K. J. (2015). Global Health Professions Student Survey (GHPSS) in Tobacco Control in China. American journal of health behavior, 39(5), 732-741.

9. Yang, X. Y., Kelly, B. C., & Yang, T. (2015). Together we have fun: native?place networks and sexual risk behaviours among Chinese male rural?urban migrants. Sociology of Health & Illness.

10. Yang, T., Jiang, S., Barnett, R., Oliffe, J. L., Wu, D., Yang, X., ... & Cottrell, R. R. (2016). Who smokes in smoke-free public places in China? Findings from a 21 city survey. Health education research, 31(1), 36-47.

11. Yang, T., Barnett, R., Jiang, S., Yu, L., Xian, H., Ying, J., & Zheng, W. (2016). Gender balance and its impact on male and female smoking rates in Chinese cities. Social Science & Medicine.

Select Books

1. Dissemination of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Risk Behaviors. Beijing: Chinese Sociology Publishing House, 2006

2. Health Behavior Theory and Research. Beijing: People’s Medical Publishing House, 2007

3. Tobacco Control and Implementation. Beijing: People’s Medical Publishing House, 2010.

Contact Information

Mail address: Center for Tobacco Control Research/Department of Social Medicine, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Yuhangtang Road, Hangzhou (310058), China

Tel: 86-571-88208219; Email: Tingzhongyang@zju.edu.cn