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Prof. Lin Xiao, MD, Ph.D., works in tobacco control office of China CDC. She is a council member and a member of the expert committee of Chinese Association on Tobacco Control. Meanwhile she holds the post of vice chairman of the youth committee of Chronic Disease Branch Association of China Preventive Medicine Association. In past 10 years, she organized national tobacco surveys among adults and adolescents for many times and devotes to smoke-free environment. She also involved in China-U.S. Smoke-free Workplaces Project, International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project, and Promoting Smoke-free Environment Project. As a technical expert, she involved in many tobacco control policies and authoritative reports development in China. In addition, she attended many WHO FCTC meetings as a member of the Chinese delegation, such as Cop7, workgroup meeting on tobacco advertising promotion and sponsorship, negotiations on a protocol to combat illicit trade in tobacco products and the third-party hearings of Australian plain package case in WTO.