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X. Yousef Yang, Ph.D, and Assistant Professor of Sociology at Murray State University. He study health and deviance behaviors in general, and more specifically substance use and sexual risk behaviors. To understand these research questions across many different contexts and places, Dr yang employ a range of quantitative analytical methods, including network analysis, structural equation modeling, mixed-effect modeling, survival analysis, among others.

Current works
Two surveys: currently co-investigating Purdue Chinese Student Life Survey, by which many interesting questions about assimilation, subculture, and social networks can be answered. Also he am collaborating to collect a Chinese nation-wide survey, hopefully this survey will be the first one to apply the network scale-up method to both health and religious behaviors.
A few recent projects: social bond trajectory and marijuana use in the U.S.; separating the peer effect from routine activities, applying to prostitution patronage behaviors; native-place network, subculture, and how they contribute to substance use among Chinese migrants; underage drinking and county-level religious population share in the U.S.; Decomposing the impacts of social mobility and assimilation on drinking and smoking; whether substance use affects long-term unemployment hazards in a 20-years long panel dataset.

Main paper
1XY Yang, BC Kelly, T Yang (2016): Together we have fun: native-place network and sexual risk behaviors among Chinese male rural-urban migrants. Sociology of Health and Illness, 38(4), 559-575 
2Yang, X. Y. (2016). Is Social Status Related to Internet Pornography Use? Evidence from the Early 2000s in the United States. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 45(4), 997-1009. 
3Yang, X. Y., Kelly, B. C., & Yang, T. (2014). The influence of self-exempting beliefs and social networks on daily smoking: A mediation relationship explored. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 28(3), 921.
4Yang, X.Y., Anderson, J.G., Yang, T. (2014): Impact of Role Models and Policy Exposure on Support for Tobacco Control Policies in Hangzhou, China. American Journal of Health Behavior. 38(2):275-283

1Martin Levine Student Paper Award: “Together We Have Fun: native-place network and sexual risk behaviors among Chinese male rural-urban migrants”, Sociologist AIDS Network (SAN), 2014 
2Bruce D. Johnson Award: “The Influence of Self-Exempting Beliefs and Social Networks on Daily Smoking: A Mediation Analysis of Chinese Males”, Division of Drinking and Drugs, Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP). 2012

Email:  yosefyang@outlook.com