John Oliffe
Date:2013-12-11 21:53 

Dr. John Oliffe is a Professor at the School of Nursing, University of British Columbia. His research is focused on men's health promotion programs and interventions, particularly in relation to men's smoking. He has been involved as a co-principal investigator on many national studies examining men's tobacco use including the FACET project (2005-current), a gender analysis of tobacco use in families during pregnancy, postpartum and early childhood, and the iTAG team (2009-2013), a group investigating sex and gender in tobacco reduction and cessation behaviours (  and Dr. Oliffe's research interests also include prostate cancer, depression and suicide, and immigrant men's health. The findings drawn from his men's health studies and collaborations have featured in more than 200 academic conference presentations and workshops, and over 100 peer-reviewed publications. For more information on his current projects and publications please visit