Saul Shiffman
Date:2010-10-12 10:54 
     Dr. Saul Shiffman currently holds the position of Research Professor of Psychology (Clinical and Health Psychology), Psychiatry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. He is also Senior Scientific Advisor to Pinney Associates, which provides consultation on health and health policy, and consults to companies that offer smoking cessation products. He is also part of a group developing novel smoking cessation therapies.

     Dr. Shiffman earned his Ph.D. in Psychology at UCLA, where he began his research on nicotine and tobacco in 1973. His research has focused on studies of nicotine dependence and its development, the nicotine withdrawal syndrome, smoking relapse, behavioral and pharmacological treatment for smoking, and tobacco control. He has had a special interest in populations that vary from the typical patterns of tobacco use and dependence, such as light and intermittent smokers. Dr. Shiffman also has methodological interests, particularly in using diary methods to capture real-world data in real time.

     Dr. Shiffman has published over 300 scientific papers and is the recipient of the Ovid Ferno Award for breakthroughs in clinical research, awarded by the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco, and the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for clinical research by Good Clinical Practices Journal. Dr. Shiffman has been designated a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (divisions of Health Psychology, Psychopharmacology, and Addictions), the American Psychological Society, the Society for Behavioral Medicine, and the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research. He has served on advisory panels to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, and the Center for the Advancement of Health, among others.