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Many people think that the price of tobacco cigarettes is cheaper in China . Is this true?
Although the absolute price of cigarettes per pack is much cheaper in mainland China

than than in most western countries or some other regions of the world, the ratio of
cigarette expense to a smoker's income is much higher. A study by Guindon, Tobin
& Yach(2002) identified that China was on the list of countries they compared in
lowest affordability of cigarettes, after adjusting for purchasing power and exchange
rates. According to this study , the minutes of labour required to purchase a packet of
Marlboro in mainland Shanghai (62 minutes), is almost 3 times that for smokers in Hong
Kong (27 minutes), and 6 times for smokers across the China Sea in Taiwan (11 minutes).
Thus, cigarette smoking may appear to present a considerable financial burden to
mainland Chinese smokers.
No smoking is smart! 

Tingzhong Yang
Director of Center for Tobacco Control Research,Zhejiang University School of Medicine

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